Message From Director’s Desk

                 I am much delighted to welcome you to Happy Boarding School that is located away from common clamor and commotion, an ideal place, where we provide high rate of quality education in order to develop overall quality of life to our students. We give confidence to our students to learn and develop through rigorous learning in the classroom; provide them time for reflection and compassion to act on what they have learned so far. We are truly committed to offering high quality of education at affordable rate that prepares our students to meet the national standard. We are proud to say that we are one of the very few schools and perhaps the first school in Pokhara that has a separate project room besides a sophisticated computer lab and uses modern technology in teaching that is through IBS [Internet Based System] following the western [American] system of arranging the classrooms. We are dedicated to providing first rate of quality education that cultivates critical thinking, effective communication and a heart that feels and a mind that reasons. We also take pride in the commitment of our academic staff, coordinator, administrator, academic dean and heads of department, taking steps towards continuous quality improvements of academic affairs We invite you all to visit us frequently at any time either virtually or in person; and we hope, you will find our Website informative and useful. Finally, once again, I request you to peep into through the window of our Website to explore the various information and academic activities of our school.

Message From Principal’s Desk

It gives us immense pleasure to welcome you to the Web Site of Happy Boarding School situated in a calm quiet and magnificent location of Shiva Marga, Masbar, Pokhara – 7. Nobody will be foolish enough to deny the fact that the parents in the present day are fully conscious of their child’s education. They have an enhanced demand for high quality education coupled with competitive skills using the modern educational technology, and here, we are at Happy Boarding School, where such indispensable requirements shall be fulfilled. We explore the best that is dormant in the children. We encouraged them to explore and revel in the joy of learning. We provide them best opportunity to develop academic skills and gradually expand knowledge through modern available educational technology. For this, we train the children to become autonomous learners who recognize and realize their ‘dreams’ and ‘skills’ and thereby they will be able to ignite the passion to excel brightly. They develop into adults, endowed with analytical and logical thinking, and an understanding that makes them a true human in thought, word and action. We hope you will not only browse our website, but also come for a visit to our school soon. We would love to see and show you in and around our school. Thank you for visiting our website. If there is any questions, curiosity or comments, please do send us mail or contact us in person.