Code Of Conduct

  • When money is lost, nothing is lost.
    When health is lost, something is lost.
    When character is lost, everything is lost.

Character building is one of the essential elements of Happy Boarding School. It is a powerful means of developing good sense, good judgment, wisdom, fairness, honesty, obedience, civility, kindness, self-respect, respect for others, their caste, creed and property etc. The School expects that all its staff and students will pursue the way that helps them shaping good character. Students, who exhibit good character, add to make a safe and orderly school. In this way, they display love for juniors, respect for elders, sympathy for all and malice towards none and thereby demonstrate a sense of pride in themselves and others by doing the best for self, family, school, community and the nation as well.

The school has set a code of conduct, which if followed honestly; the students may not have any disciplinary problem in and out of the school.

The set of the following rules is displayed in each class and outside on the ‘Display Board’ in the school premises so that the students can notice it whether they are in the class or out of the class and it remind them to follow the rules of discipline which shall beneficial to them for maintaining discipline.


Talking and listening

  • When the teacher teaches, we keep quiet and listen to him/her attentively.
  • When we want to speak or ask a question, we will raise our hand.
  • When there is a group work in or out of the class, we will discuss softly.
  • Whenever there is no teacher in the class, we will keep quiet and work silently.
  • Safety Measures:

  • We handle all equipment carefully.
  • We use the washroom with care.
  • We always walk quietly without making any noise.
  • We sit safely on our benches and chairs
  • We play games safely.
  • We don’t run here and there needlessly in the school.
  • Caring/cooperative:

  • We will show our good etiquette.
  • We will always speak the truth.
  • We don’t leave the class without permission.
  • We take care of our belongings.
  • We take care of school property.
  • We place the things in their proper place.
  • We put the lost things in the ‘Lost and Found Box.’
  • Lunch and Tiffin Times:

  • We do not talk while taking lunch, if needed, we talk softly.
  • All we come out take our Tiffin and Lunch during the stipulated time.
  • We show our table manner during the lunch time.
  • We respect our supervisor and lunch captains.
  • We throw papers, wrappers, peelings into the trash cans and the pots on the fixed place.
  • We never bring and eat Junk Foods.
  • Play Ground Rules:

  • We play fairly and safely.
  • We walk to the ground in a line from the class.
  • We let others play in our games.
  • We handle the games items carefully.
  • After playing, we keep the playthings in the proper place.
  • After the game is over, we walk to our class in a single file.